The New Right: Not Your Grandpa’s GOP

We at TNR have decided to drag the GOP into the 21st century. We want to drain the swamp, eliminate government corruption, and give the country back to the people. Every one of us shares one common belief: America is the greatest country in the world and we are going to make it better than ever. We want to lead the world in manufacturing, technology, wealth, military, and individual freedoms. We want to be the richest. We want to be the strongest. We want to be the safest. Mostly, we want America to be the best in everything and we want to win again.

The New Right stands in stark contrast to the socialist and neoliberal viewpoints that have corrupted the minds of many of the nation’s youth. The country watched as an entire generation graduated from their liberal-run college campuses completely unprepared for adult life. We saw a horde of unskilled laborers attempt to enter the workforce and fail. We watched as art and entertainment transformed into watered down virtue signaling. The New Right now ushers in the ultimate counter-culture: One that’s based on conservative values, nationalism, and achieving personal success.

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